Soccer Milestones

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Soccer Milestones


1848 Cambridge University draw up the first rules.


1857 The oldest known soccer club Sheffield were founded.


1862 Notts County the oldest football league club were founded.


1865 Tape to be stretched across the goals 8 ft from the ground.


1867 Queens Park the oldest Scottish Club founded.


1871 start of the FA Cup, goalkeepers first mentioned in rules.


1872 First official International between Scotland and England at Glasgow, Wanderers win the FA Cup & Corner kicks introduced.


1873 Scottish FA formed start of the Scottish Cup.


1874 Shinguards introduced.


1875 Crossbar introduced (replacing tape).


1876 FA of Wales formed, 1879 first international between England and Wales, Cliftonville the oldest Irish Club formed.


1878 Referee's whistle introduced.


1880 Irish FA formed start of the Irish Cup. 1888 Football League formed.


1883 Two-handed throw-in introduced.


1888 Football league founded by William McGregor.  First matches on 8 September.


1889 Preston North End achieve the first League and Cup Double.


1890 Scottish League and Irish League formed.


1891 Goal-nets introduced. Penalty-kick introduced.


1892 Football League Second Division formed.


1893 FA Amateur Cup launched.


1894 Southern League formed.


1895 FA Cup stolen from Birmingham shop window - never recovered.


1897 First Players' Union formed.  Aston Villia win the double.


1898 Promotion and relegation introduced.


1901 Maximum wage rule in force (4 a week).  Tottenham are the first professional club to take the FA Cup south.


1902 Ibrox Park disaster (25 killed).  Welsh League formed.


1904 F.I.F.A. founded (7 member countries).


1905 First 1,000 transfer (Alf Common)


1911 New F.A. Cup trophy - in use to 1991.  Transfer deadline introduced.


1919 League extended to 44 clubs.


1920 Third Division (South) formed.


1921 Third Division (North) formed.


1922 Scottish League (Div.2) introduced.


1923 Beginning of football pools.  First Wembley cup final.


1925 New offside law introduced.


1926 Huddersfield Town complete first League Championship hat-trick.


1927 First League match broadcast on radio (Arsenal v Sheffield United).


1928 First 10,000 transfer - David Jack (Bolton to Arsenal).


1930 Uruguay first winners of World Cup.


1933  Players numbered for the first time in Cup Final.


1938 First live TV transmission of FA Cup Final.


1939 Compulsory numbering of players in Football League.  All normal competitions suspended for duration of Second World War.


1945 Scottish League Cup introduced.


1947 First 20,000 transfer Tommy Lawton, Chelsea to Notts County.


1949 England's first home defeat outside British championship (0-2 Eire).


1950 Football League extended from 88 to 92 clubs.  Scotland's first home defeat by foreign team (0-1 Austria).


1951 White ball comes into official use.


1952  England's first Wembley defeat by foreign opponents (3-6 v Hungary).


1958 Munich air crash.


1960 Football League Cup introduced.


1961 Tottenham complete first League and Cup double of Twentieth Century. Maximum wage (20 a week) abolished.  First British 100-a-week paid by Fulham to Johnny Haynes).


1966 England win World Cup at Wembley.


1967  Celtic become first British team to win European Cup.  First substitutes allowed in FA Cup Final. 


1971 Arsenal win League and FA Cup double.


1975 Scottish Premier Division introduced.


1976 Football League introduce goal difference (replacing goal average) and red/yellow cards.


1977 Liverpool win League and European Cup.


1978 Liverpool first British team to retain European Cup. Freedom of contract for players accepted by Football League.  P.F.A. lifts ban on foreign players in English football. 


1979 Nottingham Forest win European Cup Final.


1980  Nottingham Forest retain European Cup Final.


1981 Liverpool win European Cup for the third time.


1982  Aston Villa win European Cup.


1984 Northern Ireland win final British Championship. Liverpool win European Cup for forth time.


1986 Liverpool win League and Cup double.


1989 Peter Shilton sets England record with 109 caps.


1992  Premier League launched.


1996  Manchester United first English club to complete League and Cup double twice.


1998 Arsenal become the second English club to complete League and Cup double twice


1999 Manchester United win League and Cup double for the third time and European Cup Final beating Bayern Munich.


2002 Arsenal first club to complete league and cup double for the third time.


2004 Arsenal first team to win the Premier League  with unbeaten record.


2005 Liverpool win European Cup for fifth time in dramatic fashion after trailing 0-3 to AC Milan at half-time.


2008 First all-English European Cup Final ends with Manchester United beating Chelsea on penalties.