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Football and the First World War

I am currently writing a book on Football and the First World War based on the article of the same name on this website.

I am very keen to contact any football fans who have information about players who joined the army during the First World War.

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See reviews of Rob Cavallini's The Wanderers FC, and Around The World In 95 Games.

  Book Reviews 

Most people are surprised by the wide range of topics covered by well-written, high profile books these days.  Even topics like online gambling and fast food restaurants have a comprehensive library of lush literature. At Soccer History, itís all about celebrating football with detailed reviews. Our reviews are impartial and stick to the topic. Readers will get a spot of what the literature entails without biased opinions or promotions. We proudly showcase reviews of distinguished, tenured authors and new writers alike. If the book is relevant to football, itís welcome here.

Book Reviews

The Wanderers by Rob Cavallini

Around the World in 95 Games by Rob Cavallini

Those Feet by David Winner

Fathers, Sons and Football by Colin Shindler

The Lost Trophy  by Tony Onslow

The Forgotten Rivals by Tony Onslow

FA Cup Giant Killers  by Paul Harrison

Tommy Tynan: The Original 'Football Idol' by Ryan Danes

Talking Double Dutch, by Paul Holland

Colossus: The True Story of William Foulke by Graham Phythian

Gill Merrick by Keith Dixon

Sir Tom Finney: A Life in Pictures

Behind the Glory: 100 Years of the PFA by John Harding

History of Blackburn Olympic FC 1878-1889 by Graham Phythian

Tranmere Rovers: The Complete Record

Blackburn Rovers: The Complete Record

We are Leeds! Andy Starmore

Lay on them backs, Boston, Dough Lowe

Hall of Fame: Rangers' All Time Greats, Bob MacCallum

Destroying Angel: Steve Bloomer England's First Football Hero, by Peter Seddon

Maradona: The Hand of God, by Jimmy Burns