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Football and the First World War

I am currently writing a book on Football and the First World War based on the article of the same name on this website.

I am very keen to contact any football fans who have information about players who joined the army during the First World War.

Please contact me at


See reviews of Rob Cavallini's The Wanderers FC, and Around The World In 95 Games.

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I have just came across your website, and hope it goes well for you. I am interested in any info, photos etc on Portadown FC, especially info from their pre-1924 days, Details of the Irish Junior Cup Final in 1899 etc. If anyone you know has info please ask them to get in touch.

If you have any information, forward to and we can pass the details on to Trevor


At last - a website devoted to football history!

A brilliant idea which will grow and grow, especially as more and more people waken up to the fact that football didn't just start with the Premiership or Match of the Day.  Look forward to seeing how it all develops.
Michael,  Ireland


Can you help me making my collection bigger and better ! Even if you don't sell anything, you can help me a lot with all info on adresses-links to sites where I can get these items(links--online shops--lists of collections--email adresses of people--online auctions--fanshops--catalogs--forums--....) !
Request list Hooligan/Ultras/Tifo/Supporters/Fans/Casuals VIDEO's and DVD's !
And also Supporters Songs & Fans Chants & Club-Team Anthems CD's/DVD's/VIDEO's !
And Fanzines/Soccer-Football-Supporter Magazines !
Also scarves & T-shirts & Stickers & Flags & .....& all fangadgets-supportersmerchandise-hooligan articles....!
And finally also info on hooliganwebsites and weblinks, also for tifo-ultra-supporters-fans-general soccer/football-.......
Can you give me links to sites of shops or persons that sell DVD's or CD's or VIDEO's or other stuff or....!
And this I am going to ask in the hope that someone can help me but this will be not be easy ! I am fan of the Belgian team Eendracht Aalst and a few years ago we played 2 matches in the UEFA-Cup !
Levski Sofia (Bulgarije)             - Eendracht Aalst (BelgiŽ)             1-2  0-1
AS Roma (ItaliŽ)                     - Eendracht Aalst (BelgiŽ)             4-0  0-0
And now what I look for is videofootage of these matches but even more the complete matches ! Also everything else from my club AALST and its supporters interests me ! So if anybody can help me, please let me know !
And I also am fan of GRIMSBY TOWN FC from England, so I am interested in everything from this club and its supporters 'the mariners' !
Thank you very much !
Baeyens Lieven
Heide 27
9260 Wichelen


Do you know that player?  I may have misheard the name, but at the England v. Croatia match last night, just before the national anthems were sung, a little boy walking on with the players, was said to be the grandson of footballer, Finlay Fulford.  Does anyone know him?  Where did he play?
I have tried to find him, but to no avail and it's driving me mad!









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